Plan Resource

Readable attributes

id integer Unique ID of the Plan.
name string Human-readable name.
price integer Monthly price in dollars.
repositories integer Max number of repositories allowed on this Plan.
users integer Max number of users allowed on this Plan.
servers integer Max number of servers allowed per repository on this Plan.
storage integer Storage capacity of this Plan in Megabytes.

Find All Plans

json http-request
GET /api/plans.json

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json http-response
    "plan": {
      "price": 0,
      "name": "Trial",
      "repositories": 1,
      "id": 18,
      "storage": 100,
      "users": 1,
      "servers": 3
    "plan": {
      "price": 15,
      "name": "Bronze",
      "repositories": 10,
      "id": 20,
      "storage": 3000,
      "users": 5,
      "servers": 3
xml http-request
GET /api/plans.xml

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xml http-response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<plans type="array">
    <id type="integer">4</id>
    <price type="integer">0</price>
    <repositories type="integer">1</repositories>
    <storage type="integer">100</storage>
    <users type="integer">1</users>
    <servers type="integer">3</servers>
    <id type="integer">34</id>
    <price type="integer">200</price>
    <repositories type="integer">1000</repositories>
    <storage type="integer">61440</storage>
    <users type="integer">1000</users>
    <servers type="integer">1000</servers>