The API can be used to build tools or services around Beanstalk account information. You can enable API access in your account settings. You need to be an account owner to do so.

Beanstalk uses REST methodology for its API. Supported output formats are JSON and XML (to be retired in the next version), we recommend to use JSON. All request have to be made via HTTPS.


Beanstalk API relies on basic HTTP authentication. Each user can generate up to 5 access tokens to use for the API. To authenticate, a user has to provide his regular username as login and an access token as password.

Required HTTP Headers

Failure to use the following headers can result in API errors.

Make sure to include the following HTTP headers with every request you make to the API:

  • Authorization with user’s credentials (username & access token) in Basic format.
  • Content-Type with either “application/xml” or “application/json”.
  • User-Agent with the name of your app.

About the format of our docs

Each available Beanstalk resource has its own page on this site. That page contains all the information you need in order to start working with the resource, including descriptions of each API method available. For each API method we include two blocks of code as working examples. The first block of code illustrates how to utilize the method using the raw HTTP requests; the second block shows a sample response to that request.

When you see a code snippet like this:

json http-request
GET /api/users/{User_ID}.json
xml http-request
GET /api/users/{User_ID}.xml

it means sending a GET request to